Transforming Interior Spaces with SIGNATURE Ambient Scents

Enhancing your brand with scent adds distinction


Making a lasting emotional connection with those who visit your space is essential to your brand’s success.

Branding with scent will bring life to your space, create a stronger emotional connection and leave an indelible mark on all those who enter.

Scented Interiors By Design helps you strengthen your brand message by combining the art of ambient scenting with the science of olfactory perception in a signature fragrance tailored for each individual space.


Create a welcoming and memorable environment for your guests

“We travel extensively and always wondered how 5 star hotels and first class businesses could create such wonderful scents. Thank goodness we found Doreen who patiently worked with us to make the process easy even though we have a challenging home with high ceilings and open space. Doreen is a fantastically talented professional who has the experience and personal touch we needed…so glad she’s part of our team!"

Mike and Diane Molewski
Bethlehem, PA


Set your brand apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression for your clients


Create a welcoming and memorable environment for your guests

“While traveling and visiting luxury hotels over the years, I’ve always loved the signature scents that immediately triggered memories of relaxation and happy times. When I opened the Skin Spa at Lake Lanier, I wanted to provide that same experience for my clients upon entering the spa. I found the perfect scent from Scented Interiors By Design. Jade Tea, a soft, subtle and sophisticated scent was the perfect blend for my lakeside spa. Doreen Bollhofer, the creator of Jade Tea, was instrumental in helping me find the perfect pairing for the spa. I highly recommend Scented Interiors by Design if you are looking for your unique scent.”

Janice Monaco, Owner
Skin Spa at Lake Lanier


A powerful element in branding, and the key to engaging and making a long-lasting connection with your customers

“We are 100 times more likely to remember something that we smell than something we see, hear or touch”

- J. Vlahos, Scent & Sensibility

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