About Scented Interiors By Design

Capturing the essence of your brand with scent

Scented Interiors By Design is a dynamic, forward-thinking fragrance design and branding company that uses the emotive power of scent to define, enliven, transform and renew any interior space.  Using an HVAC system, our custom-designed fragrances are diffused through the air as a microscopic mist, sending a consistent scent to a desired area and creating a welcoming and memorable environment.

Founder and principal fragrance designer Doreen Bollhofer has been an influential scent designer for over three decades, consistently delivering signature fragrance creations that capture the essence of a client’s brand and make an emotional connection with their customers.

Crafting a successful fragrance combines a fine balance of art and science, along with a keen sense of a brand’s DNA. Doreen understands the branding power of scent and its impact on emotions.

With Scented Interiors by Design, she brings the transforming power that scent delivers into interior spaces of all kinds.