Moroccan Spice

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  • Deluxe Diffuser and Oil – New

    NEW - Pure Luxury in a sleek and sophisticated scent system for home or office.
    The features:
    • Sleek & attractive cylindrical aluminum scent diffuser stands  11  1/2” H
    • Covers up to 600 square feet with a light mist of scent that dissipates into the atmosphere
    • The unit’s adapter allows you to plug into any electrical outlet within your home or office
    • Touch screen on the unit’s base with on/off button and  +/- setting to adjust scent misting intensity - total of 9 levels
    Includes 4oz bottle of oil. Follow the oil consumption table in our user guide to determine your bottle use-up rate. Download User Guide Warnings:
    • Never tilt or tip unit horizontally while oil is in unit.
    • Spilling of oil will damage unit.
    • Operating the unit for more than 12 continuous hours may cause the pump to burn out.
  • Moroccan Spice Fragrance Oil

    Vivid memories of the Moroccan spice market and the breathtaking rose flower fields inspired the creation of this warm & sensual fragrance. It's unique spicy signature coupled with amber, patchouli, and rose absolute seduces the senses as it provides relaxing comfort $46.00$52.00