Jade Tea Fragrance Oil


3.3 oz. / 100 ml.

A welcoming blend of green tea, verbena and coriander wrapped in mate absolute and soft wood undertones reflects subtle elegance.

90-day supply




Matcha powder in White ceramic spoon and tea leaves on black background
Green Tea
Yerba Mate Tea
Mate Absolute

While traveling and visiting luxury hotels over the years, I’ve always loved the signature scents that immediately triggered memories of relaxation and happy times. When I opened the Skin Spa at Lake Lanier, I wanted to provide that same experience for my clients upon entering the spa. I found the perfect scent from Scented Interiors By Design. Jade Tea, a soft, subtle and sophisticated scent was the perfect blend for my lakeside spa. Doreen Bollhofer, the creator of Jade Tea, was instrumental in helping me find the perfect pairing for the spa. I highly recommend Scented Interiors by Design if you are looking for your unique scent.

Janice Monaco
Owner, Skin Spa at Lake Lanier

Jade Tea Complementary Scents

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