Transforming Interior Spaces with Ambient Scents

Enhancing your brand with scent adds distinction

Making a lasting emotional connection with those who visit your space is essential to your brand’s success.

Branding with scent will bring life to your space, create a stronger emotional connection and leave an indelible mark on all those who enter.

Scented Interiors By Design helps you strengthen your brand message by combining the art of ambient scenting with the science of olfactory perception in a signature fragrance tailored for each individual space.

A powerful element in branding, and the key to engaging and making a long-lasting connection with your customers

Create a welcoming and memorable environment for your guests

Office Space
Transform the workspace into an uplifting setting, stimulating productivity and improving morale
Interior Design
Capture the essence & lifestyle of your client in a signature ambient scent

Real Estate Development
Set your brand apart from the competition and leave a lasting impression for your clients

Private Residence
The ultimate in personalizing your home

Gym & Fitness Centers
Eliminate unpleasant odors, bring a clean, invigorating scent to the exercise arena

Special Events
Capture the moment and create a lasting memory

Create an inviting environment, reinforce your brand message